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Next-Generation ScanSnap digitize document at 25 pages per minute.

The iX500 is ideal for reducing paper storage space, while also scanning reliably for fast and efficient data management.
• Speed: 25 ppm 50 ipm
• Capacity: 50 page ADF
• PC & Mac: Full
• Powered: AC
• Size: Smaller than A4 size


Direct mobile-device scanning with New "GI Processor
You can scan directly from and save scan data to smartphones or tablets in PDF format (JPEG format also is available) via Wi-Fi.
The newly developed dual-core CPU "GI" processor achieves quality image processing at the scanner while supporting the newest interfaces. You can digitize documents carefree with smartphones, tablets, or computers.


Quick Menu saves time!
ScanSnap’s Quick Menu automatically pops up after scanning to enable you to link the data to an application, quickly and easily. You can now newly customize the screen to your liking. Furthermore, when scanning business cards, the icon of the recommended application is displayed in priority.



Easily links documents to clouds
You can scan nearly effortlessly to Evernote, Google Docs, Salesforce, SugarSync and Dropbox, and then conveniently browse the data from computers, tablets or smartphones - anywhere, anytime.



Superior paper feeding technology
iX500 uses ultrasonic sensors for efficient and trouble-free scanning.
Inheriting the superior paper feeding technology of our professional-use scanners, iX500 separates documents using "Brake rollers". Stable paper feeding minimizes troubles such as multifeeding and paper jams.



Efficiently organize business card data
Bundled business card management applications store digitized business cards and encode the text data for applications like Address Book (Mac), Excel® (Win), e-mail, databases, etc.





ScanSnap Organizer

Keep all your scans neatly organized and easily accessible with ScanSnap Organizer. View and edit scans, create filing cabinets, perform searches and more.
ScanSnap Organizer software for use on PC (Windows) only.


Cardiris™ (Mac)
With Cardiris™ business card OCR software for Mac adding and managing contact information is a breeze. Scanned business card info can be edited and then exported to Address Book, Entourage, AppleWorks, vCard and other contact management systems.


CardMinder™ (PC)

With CardMinder™ for Windows adding and managing contact information is a breeze. Simply stack the cards in the ADF and push the button. CardMinder™ captures both sides and places the information into editable fields. Foriegn language card? No problem. CardMinder™ recognizes 8 different languages and can export to Outlook, Excel
and other contact managers.


ABBYY FineReader
for ScanSnap™
(Mac and PC)

This popular OCR (optical character recognition) software lets you scan documents directly to Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®.

Scan to PowerPoint® available for PC (Windows) only.

abbyy finereader






General Technical Specifications

Scanner Type ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). Duplex scanning
Scanning Modes Color, Grayscale, Monochrome, Automatic (color / grayscale / monochrome(3) detection)
Image Sensor Color CIS x2 (front x 1, back x 1)
Light Source 3 color LED (Red/ Green / Blue)
Scanning Speed (A4 portrait) (1)

Document size

Auto Mode(2)

Normal mode

Better mode

Best mode

Excellent mode (3)

Normal mode
without Carrier Sheet

Normal mode
with Carrier Sheet (3)

Long paper scanning (3)(4))

Simplex or Duplex:
25 pages per minutes
Color/Grayscale 150 dpi,
Monochrome 300 dpi,
Simplex or Duplex: 25 pages per minutes
Color/Grayscale 200 dpi,
Monochrome 400 dpi,
Simplex or Duplex: 25 pages per minutes
Color/Grayscale 300 dpi,
Monochrome 600 dpi,
Simplex or Duplex: 25 pages per minutes
Color/Grayscale 600 dpi,
Monochrome 1,200 dpi,
Simplex or Duplex: 7 pages per minute

A4,A5,A6,B5,B6, Business card, Letter, Legal and Custom sizes (Max: 216 x 360 mm (8.5 x 14.17 in.), Min: 50.8 x 50.8 mm (2 x 2 in.)) (3) / Automatically recognizes document size
Use of a Carrier Sheet permits the scanning of A3, B4, 11 x 17 in. and photographs as well as the document sizes that are listed above
863 mm (34 in.)

Power requirement
  AC 100 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption

USB connected

Wi-Fi connected
During operation: 20 W or less, During sleep mode: 1.6 W or less (Wi-Fi Switch Off)
During operation: 20 W or less, During sleep mode: 2.5 W or less
Paper Weight (Thickness)

Paper Chute Capacity (5)
USB Interface
  40 to 209 g/m2 (11 to 56 lb)
A8 size: 127 to 209 g/m2 or 34 to 56 lb
Cards (ISO7810 ID-1 type conforming) can be used.
(thickness 0.76 mm or less)
Embossed card : useable (Landscape only)
Maximum 50 sheets (A4, 80 g/m2 or 21 lb)
USB3.0 (USB2.0 / USB1.1 Supported)(6)
Wi-Fi Interface (7)

Observed standards

Communication mode

Frequency (8)

Communication distance

Security (9)
Easy installation

IEEE802.11b / IEEE802.11g / IEEE802.11n
Infrastructure mode
2.412 GHz to 2.462 GHz / 2.412 GHz to 2.472 GHz
Indoors, 50 m (Recommended: indoors, within 25 m)
*May vary depending on the surrounding environment and the access point to be connected
WPA-PSK (TKIP / AES), WPA2-PSK (TKIP / AES), WEP (64-bit / 128-bit)
WPS2.0 supported (button / PIN code)
Operation environment

Dimensions (W x D x H) (10)
Device weight
Environmental compliance
Multifeed detection

  Temperature: 5 to 35 °C (41 to 95 °F)
Relative humidity: 20 to 80 % (Non-condensing)
292 x 159 x 168 mm (11.5 x 6.2 x 6.6 in.)
3.0 kg (6.62 lb)
Supported (Standard) ultrasonic multifeed detection sensor
Specific driver
Windows®: Does not support TWAIN / ISIS™
Mac OS: Does not support TWAIN

1 Scanning speeds may vary due to the system environment used.
2 Documents measuring approximately 148 mm in length or less are scanned in "Best mode", while other documents are scanned in "Better mode".
3 Only computer connection.
4 ScanSnap iX500 is capable of scanning documents that exceed A4 size in length. It supports the scanning of longer documents in all modes, except for "Excellent mode".
5 Maximum capacity varies, depending upon paper weight.
6 Some computers do not recognize the ScanSnap when it is connected to a USB 3.0 port. In this case, please use a USB 2.0 port.
7 Only Android™ / iOS in case of Wi-Fi connection.
8 Values depends on country.
9 IEEE802.1X Authentication is not supported.
10 Excluding the stacker and other external attachments.
11 PFU LIMITED, a Fujitsu company, has determined that this product meets RoHS requirements (2002/95/EC).




Comparative Matrix S1100 S1300i iX500 SV600
One Button Scanning
Fast, efficient, and with total ease-of-use, that is the essence of ScanSnap producitvity.
Scanner Type
Fujitsu manufacturs a variety of document scanners for personal, professional, or collaborative use.
Mobile Compact Desktop Overhead
ScanSnap comes in models that specifically connect to a computer via USB or connect to network via RJ45 10/100 base T
Connect to Computer Connect to Computer Connect to Computer Connect to Computer
Wireless connectivity
Option to connect to a PC or Mac wirelessly via exisiting wireless router
Duplex or Simplex
Duplex scanning captures both side of a document at the same time while Simplex captures just the front-side in a single pass. ScanSnap support either requirement.
Simplex Duplex Duplex Simplex
Feed speed is a factor of ease-of-use since waiting on a the paper to be scanned can effect producitvity. The quality of the image also impacts speed performance. Consider the benefit of higher 300 dpi image resolution for improved OCR accuracy and search performance.
Color (24bit) @ 150 dpi
(1 Sheet)
7.5 Seconds NA NA

3 Seconds

Color (24bit) @ 300 dpi
(1 Sheet)
7.5 Seconds NA 25 ppm /
50 ipm
3 Seconds
AC: Color (24bit) @ 150 dpi,
Letter size
NA 12 ppm /
16 ipm
25 ppm /
50 ipm
3 Seconds
AC: Color (24bit) @ 300 dpi,
Letter size
NA 6 ppm /
8 ipm
25 ppm /
50 ipm
3 Seconds
USB: Color (24bit) @ 150 dpi,
Letter size
NA 4 ppm /
8 ipm
NA 3 Seconds
USB: Color (24bit) @ 300 dpi,
Letter size
NA 2 ppm /
4 ipm
NA 3 Seconds
Multi-Page Scanning
An Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) allows operators to stack multiple pages into the feeder for fast "batch" style scanning.
1 page Up to10
Up to 50
Up to 10 items at once
EZ Cleanability
A device that can be opened by the end user to expose the glass and roller surfaces allows operators to clean it periodically to help ensure optimal feeding performance.
Fujitsu provides a wide array of scanner choices to fit the lifestyle of the operator.
10.74" x 1.87" x 1.33"
(W x D x H)
11.18" x 3.90" x 3.03"
(W x D x H)
11.5" x
6.3" x
(W x D x H)
8.26" x
6.14" x
(W x D x H)
Weight (1)
Fujitsu provides a wide array of scanner choices to fit the lifestyle of the operator.
12.3 oz. 3.08 lb. 6.62 lb. 6.6 lb.
Platform Support
Loaded with productivity tools for PC and Mac.
PC and Mac PC and Mac PC and Mac PC and Mac
Paper Feed Detection
ScanSnap provides models that provide double-feed detection by length or by Ultra-sonic sensor. Ultra-sonic sensor detects double-feeds using sound waves todetect the air space between documents for aded security in detection.
NA Length Ultra-sonic
Scan to Office (Word and Excel)
Converting paperwork with machine print back into editable .doc or .xls files provides exceptional producitvity advantages for office workers, students, and personal users.
Plastic Card Scanning
Scanning hard cards and embossed cards (up to 0.76 mm thick) for preserving important personal information for fast digital recovery later is a great way to remain connected with your various identification.
Scan to Cloud
Integrated into Quick Menu. Scan to Evernote and Scan to Google Docs provides users that have opened account to scan to the cloud (virtual storage). Also, Scan to Salesforce CRM, SharePoint Online (for Windows®), Scan to SugarSync and Scan to Salesforce Chatter.

PC-Less Scanning
Smart phones and tablets are setting new standards in productivity and with a WI-FI connection, you can now quickly bypass the computer to scan an image enhanced PDF or JPEG file directly to an iOS or Android mobile device.
Scan to Mobile
Link* ScanSnap to iPad or iPhone. Requires compatible PC or Mac computer and a Wi-Fi connection to mobile device.
Carrier Sheet Compatibility
Carrier sheets are protective sleeves that help to preserve delicate documents or photos passing through the feeder as well as allow operators to scan double-letter or A3 size documents through the feeder and digitially stitch them back together.

(not included)

1 Weight does not include adaptors and cables.


User reviews

Jodi, The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito School of Management, Claremont Graduate University
"My ScanSnap saved me today! I had to send a large PowerPoint, via email, to two of our professors, Professor Sathe and Professor deKluyver, who were in Japan to teach a course. The files were too big and would not go through; so I used my handy, dandy scanner and they went through like a breeze! I use my ScanSnap S1300 almost on a daily basis. It’s so easy to use and the file instructions are very clear. Since I am the only person on my floor with a scanner, it has been a real lifesaver.  I am able to scan flyers for students, invoices that need to be emailed, grade rosters to send to faculty, and even pictures that are posted to the Web site. This has proven to be a very useful tool indeed – I absolutely love my ScanSnap!"

Emmett, Kirkland, WA
"Bringing it to listing presentations as well as contract negotiations. In real estate, the ability to professionally and quickly scan, save, and submit contracts is the difference between having your deal accepted or missing the boat. Additionally, between traffic and gas prices the ability to get things done on–site, fast and clean is invaluable. My first choice for a scanner would be the ScanSnap. I take my ScanSnap wherever my computer goes."

Matt, Cascade, ID
“The ScanSnap has totally changed the way I run my law office. I no longer pack around boxes of files with me to court. I am nearly entirely paperless, even though I still receive many papers from the court and other attorneys. The ScanSnap allows me to quickly and accurately scan my documents and save them in their appropriate location. The size of the ScanSnap is compact and ideal to take with me. The scanner works extremely well with the bundled software and was worth every penny I paid for it. Paired with my MacBook Pro, the ScanSnap has become an essential tool for operating my law office. I strongly recommend this product and can't imagine trying to run a paperless practice without it.”

E. Andrew, North Carolina
“It’s tax time again and here I am with a large pile of receipts, and not much organization, and here comes ScanSnap to the rescue.  It’s a simple process of dropping the receipts into the ScanSnap and pushing a button.  That’s what I really like about it – the ease of loading the receipts, scanning on both sides and the ease of finding the receipt at a later time. I make it a practice to scan all receipts and invoices, and categorize them in various business expense accounts.  If I need a certain item, I just use the search box with key words and the item I am looking for is listed right on the screen and I can print as needed.  All the receipts and other important paperwork can be scanned and organized and are available at my fingertips.  What a revelation!!  I can now find receipts and other documents almost instantly and with little effort.  Where have you been all my life?”


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